Amazon and Machu Picchu


The Travel Rx bag goes to the land of pink dolphins and big mosquitoes.
Dan and Sandy Moorman

When Dan Moorman and his wife Sandy went to the Amazon and Machu Picchu in January of 2007 for a 15 day trip, they took our Wonder Bag with them. Here's what Dan had to say:

The Travel Rx bag was very, very convenient. We were able to fit all our personal prescriptions in it, plus the extra things we had to take like Cipro, malaria pills, and allergy medicine. It was just the right size and packed beautifully. It's malleable too so we could fit it in anywhere.

Before, (we had the bag) we'd take our pills in plastic bags and end up losing track of where the right pills were. Now, everything was all in one place. It really works well!

And when we'd go off on day expeditions, I'd just throw it in my back-pack, just in case. There wasn't a day on our trip where we didn't use it.

US Space Program

Even Aeronautic Engineers Use Travel Rx!
Kirsten Thompson Aeronautic Engineer US Space Program

My mother bought it for me and I’ve used it quite a bit. It has lots of contents as well as empty spots for my own daily prescriptions. When I first got it, I packed it for a trip and now I actually just keep all my prescriptions in the bag even when I’m at home. In the morning, if I’m running late, I can just stick it in my briefcase so I can take my pills when I get to work.

It’s very flexible and I’ve reconfigured it for my own needs. For example, one of my prescription bottles is too big to fit into the elastic band, but because of the way the bag zips open there is plenty of room for me to lay the bottle down in the bottom of the bag.

The first trip I took the bag on, I got a cold. There were so many useful things inside the bag: the thermometer, the pain relievers, the cough drops. It’s great that I can also use the bag for things other than prescriptions.

Pilot won`t fly ...

Pilot won’t fly anywhere without his TravelRx Medication Bag
Marc Newman, Pilot

When I went to Mexico on vacation, my mother forced me to take the TravelRx bag. I was pretty skeptical, but it probably saved my life. While they have lots of drugs there, everything comes in a different form and with the language difference, I really wasn’t sure if I knew what I was taking.

The first day practically, I had to use the Pepto Bismol. That took care of my problem, which could have gotten much worse if I wasn’t able to just reach in my TravelRx bag and get what I needed without trying to find a pharmacy and then trying to understand what I was really buying.

Now when I fly for my airline, I just carry it onboard with me. There has never been one problem with carrying the bag through security. They’ve never even asked to look inside. I’ve added a few of my own favorites like Airborne and Vicks, but everything in my TravelRx bag has come in real handy. It’s great!


Good at High Altitude!!

From the US, through Europe, and the treking across Nepal, I never go anywhere with out my Travel RX Bag.  Small enough to fit under the airline seats, and the light enough to keep in my day pack, it's the perfect travel companion and always ready to battle a high altitude head ache!!

Anyone have a sewing needle?

I was packing to go on a trip to the Orient and this not being my first time to travel,  my daughters gave me a little RX bag.  At first I thought to myself, great another thing to try and pack. But I took the bag and boy was I so glad I did.

Our first night in Hong Kong my night gown tore, so I start looking for my sewing kit, gone cannot find it, then I remebered the RX travel bag.  To my surprise there were needles and thread, but the amazing thing was the needles were already threaded.

Now in Shanghai needing antibiotic cream, right to the red bag I go.  At this point I take a little time to see what as actually in the red bag. This is what I found; first there is a small hanger so you may hang in a convient place. It also has a small eye glass repair kit, tablets you should you have diarrhea. It also contains tooth brushes, toothpaste, safety pins, a roll of duct tape (small one), comb, shaving kit, mouthwash, lotion, hair ties, places for you to put any medicine you need to bring from home.

Sewing Kit - $1.99
Antibiotic Cream -$2.99
Owning a Travel RX Bag - Priceless

Terri Bachman


A must have staple!


Here's a picture of me in China (Guangzhou!) with my TravelRX! at a point of interest, it also evacuated with me on Hurricane Ike.   To be honest, I keep ALL my prescription bottles in it.  I use it weekly and get it out on Sunday to refill my weekly pill dispenser (you know, one of those S/M/T/W/T/F/S thingies.) But it's nice, especially when going on trips and urgent evacuations, to just go grab that one bag and know it is all there.

Panama canal



Whether it is 0200 and you need a cough drop, or 10 and you need hangover remedies,
I NEVER travel anywhere without my bag!

Tom Conrad
Cheyenne, Wyoming