Inside the Travel Rx Bag

BevChrisBags.jpgBag Features

  • Strap Handle on End
  • Hanging Hook
  • 2 Zippered Mesh Pockets Inside Flap
  • 7 Elastic Holders for Prescriptions
  • 2 Inner End Pockets
  • 1 Inner Pocket Below Elastic Holders
  • Outer Zippered Pocket on Back
  • Zippered Clear Plastic Pouch
  • 6" high X 10" wide X 3" deep


Your trusted OTC medications in your Travel Rx bag make
traveling wih peace of mind easy & relaxed!

OTravelRx_Tree_s.jpgur bag is small but is able to carry an amazing amount of medications.  This all in one carry-on convenience.  So your bag can go anywhere you go.  Whether you are going on a day hike or planning on several weeks away from home.  This bag will fit into your backpack, carry-on bag for airline, train or bus.  It also fits nicely into the glove compartment of most cars.

Bev & Chris