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Bad Behavior on Airlines
By: Chris and Bev ~ 3/3/2017

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We read the story about the man who tried to open an airliner door during descent. He was stopped by passengers and crew. We"ve seen the video of a passenger being dragged off of an aircraft. 

We expect to fly safely everyday. 

Red flags for potential problems can be from alcohol, drug, mental problems, who knows.  The rest of us are in this flying tube with you and we want to get to our destination safely.

We read the passengers held the guy while the flight attendants "got the restraints."  Could those be the same ones we've carried in our carry-on?

 Zip Ties.

zip tie.jpg

 They make great restraints,(Ok, they have other uses too)   You want to get the wider ones they are  easier to work with under stress.

Consider having 3 for arms and 3 for legs. ( one around each arm and use the 3rd one to band them together). One person is now restrained.

Some crew members are now carrying these in their bags.

Take steps to be safe no matter what you are doing.

Pay attention to your surroundings wherever you are!

Worried about someone's behavior while flying? Report it to the crew. Give them the row, seat number and your concern.


What if it's the crew that exhibits bad behavior?

Never intervene with the crew unless you are directed to. 

It is a Federal offense not to comply.

You can give your seat and row number to the "victim" passenger upon disembarking .Encourage other witnesses to do the same.

Report the behavior in a customer service area,at a website or by phone.  

The captain needs to have his undivided attention directed at flying the plane.

Even flight crews have bad days at work, however, service oriented professions should NEVER project their bad days upon their customers. We just want to safely get to our destination.

Know your rights as a passenger. The passenger bill of rights is available on Department of Transportation.



If you see something, say something!


Be safe out there!

Bev and Chris