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By: Bev and Chris ~ 2/27/2017

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Precautions need to be taken before you travel. It can affect your sex life and give you plenty to worry about if you become pregnant in the next few months. You may or may not have symptoms, and pass it on with out knowing. Mosquitos can carry other diseases too.

It is preventable

 It's had some press lately regarding pregnant women in having babies with abnormally small heads.

Now, they are seeing some adult paralysis with Guillian-Barre type symptoms.It's transmitted by a mosquito, very similar to Malaria.

How do you get it?

A mosquito bites and infected person, then the mosquito is infected and bites a non-infected person, who now becomes infected.

CDC's throughout the world have found it in body fluids and it is considered an STD. A mother can infect her unborn baby.

What are the symptoms?

Many people have none.

You can have a low grade fever, muscle aches, rash and joint pain, red eyes. They can last a few days to a week.

Neurological symptoms in adults can be balance problems, trouble walking and muscle weakness called Gillian Barre Syndome.

What do I do if I have symptoms?

Use tylenol, (acetametaphine) for the aches and pains.  Do not use aspirin or ibuprofen products. If this happens to be Dengue Fever, it could cause hemmoraging.

Take in lots of fluids to stay hydrated and rest.

Follow CDC and World health guidelines for safe sex and if you are pregnant or suspect you are contact your health care provider.

How to Prevent it:

There is no cure, or vaccine at this time.

Recommendations at this time are covering your skin (long sleeves and pants) and using a repellent that contains DEET. (put it in your Travel Rx Bag)

If you use sunscreen apply that first and then the DEET.

Follow CDC and World health guidelines for safe sex! If you are pregnant and suspect you have been exposed, speak with your health care provider.

If you are donating blood or semen, please let them know if you have traveled to zika prone areas.    know before you travel


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