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Bed Bugs: Don't leave the hotel with them
By: Chris & Bev ~ 2/1/2017


Bedbugs are making a comeback.  As difficult as this is to write it is necessary to think how to travel safely knowing there may be bedbugs in your next hotel room.  Bedbugs are small blood sucking mites and are not known to carry diseases, but ewww! do you want to sleep with them anyways?  No!  They are usually linked in our minds to dirt and filth.  Not true.  They are being found in the best of the best hotels.  Here is how to protect yourself while traveling:

1. Inspect your room upon checking in. Pack a small flashlight (even the LED keyring ones are OK).  Look at the headboard of the bed, in the mattress piping and on the sheets.  You are looking for small bugs about 1/4 of an inch and smaller, they leave dark brown rust colored spots behind (they poop after sucking your blood).  These spots are easy to spot on mattresses.

2. Check the bottom of the drawer and under the drawer of the night stand.

3. Never place your suitcase on the bed.  Use the luggage rack and keep the luggage closed. Pull the rack away from the wall. Do not unpack into the drawers if you can avoid that.

Bedbugs only touch you when they feed on you.  They can be found on the sofa's, chairs and obviously the bedding in your hotel room.  If you think you may have been exposed to bedbugs you can take these measures to protect your home:

1. Put suspect items in a sealed plastic bag, until you can clean them.  Use the hottest water you can to safely wash the items.  Also the hottest setting on the dryer for 60 minutes.  To kill them the core of the item needs to be 114 degrees F.  You can freeze what cannot take the heat for 2 weeks.

2. If you inspect your luggage and find bedbugs, place it into a plastic bag to isolate it until you can wash it.  Use hot soapy water (again 114-120 degrees F)  Test the luggage to make sure it will not be affected by the hot water.  Use a scrub brush and pay attention to the seams and folds.

Traveling wise and safely are important both for physical as well as mental status.  I was in Whistler BC last weekend and inspected the condo using the above methods, it only took about 10 minutes.  We found nothing and were able to relax and enjoy the rest and comfort that our condo afforded us.

Blue Skies and Tailwinds!

Chris & Bev