Welcome to Travel Rx

Home of the Nurse developed, medication bag and first aid travel kit that goes where you go!

Who better to know what medicines you may need than a couple of well traveled, experienced nurses?  Combining their love of travel with their passion for nursing and caring for others, Bev and Chris have done the work for you . . . by creating a ready-to-go carry on medication and first aid bag.

The Travel Rx bag will . . .

  • help you stay organized and safe while away from home
  • be prepared for life's inconveniences while traveling
  • help you care for your travel companions
  • allow you to relax and enjoy your vacation knowing you have the medicines and things that you need at your finger tips

It’s versatile and flexible and I’m really impressed by it. It uses the same principal as the medical kits that fly with our astronauts—take a little bit of everything along and you’ll be okay.

Kirsten Thompson Aeronautic Engineer
- US Space Program

Use the Travel Rx bag for precriptions and travel first aid  . . .

  • to organize your OTC (over the counter) medications from your medicine cabinet
  • to bring along your tried and trusted medicines you know work for you and your family
  • to ensure you have access to the medicines you might need
  • reduce your stress while traveling, since you won't need to spend time running around trying to find what you need  
  • our bag is small but is able to carry an amazing amount!
  • 6" high X 10" wide X 3" deep